Building Trades

Does working in the construction field interest you?  How about working as a plumber, mason, or an electrician?  In Building Trades, you can learn to utilize all these trades and more. The in-depth training you receive includes hanging doors, applying sheetrock, finishing floors, and the basics of framing and finishing a structure.  Apprenticeships in plumbing and electrical are also a part of this program.  Students in Building Trades spend time off campus at actual job sites working with experts in their field.


Building Trades I

This class is open to all 10th, 11th and 12th graders who have earned a “C” or better in Algebra I or “B” in pre-Algebra.


Building Trades II & III

This class is open to all 11th and 12th graders who have earned a “B” or better in Building Trades I.  


Additional Program Information

Embedded Credit:

Math (.5 credit per year)



Associated General Contractors Certification

Lead Containment

OSHA 10 hour Safety Course


First Aid



Youth Group: 




Specialty Modules:


Students will be exposed to power tools and safety practices related to construction and will be able to identify the various employment opportunities in the construction field.  Areas to be introduced are masonry, ceramic tile, plumbing and heating, painting, weatherization, and many more.


Open to all students enrolled in Building Trades I, II, and III, this course will provide students with more hands on and on site experience.


Mark Capsey (Building Trades I)

Tel: (802) 527-6496


Steve Wunsch (Building Trades II & III)

Tel: (802) 527-6502