Digital Design

Digital Design is for a creative person who also likes technology.  The Digital Design Program focuses on communication in a digital world with an emphasis on artistic and electronic design.  Students develop skills in digital graphic design, animation, website design, digital photography and videography.  In addition, students will explore careers in the field of digital arts. Photoshop, Illustrator, iMovie, InDesign, and Flash are among the programs that will be utilized in this program.


Digital Design I

This class is open to all 10th, 11th, and 12th graders who have earned a “C” or better in freshman level College Preparatory English. 


Digital Design II & III

This class is open to all second or third year students who have earned a “C” or better in Digital Arts I. 

Malachi Hansen_ Nick Mercy


Additional Program Information

Embedded Credit:

Art (.5 credit per year)

English (1 credit in 1st year)



Adobe Certified Associate in Photoshop/Visual Communications


Dual Enrollment:

Digital Photography (CCV*: 3 credits)

Graphic Design (CCV: 3 credits)

*Community College of Vermont


Youth Group: 





Specialty Modules:


Learn digital photography and create unique images using Adobe Photoshop.


In this class students will learn the fundamental skills and understandings to be successful in both programs.  Students will use cutting edge equipment and facilities to create digital content for print media, the web, and silver screen.  Students will leave with a mini-portfolio containing evidence of their success in graphic design, digital photography, and digital video.




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