Specialty Modules (One Period Electives)

Open to 9th through 12th grade students, our specialty modules offer an extension of our regular programs and give students a chance to  explore some of the program options available at NWTC.  Please note that participation in a Specialty Module does not guarantee future placement in NWTC programs.


Computer & Networking Learn client server operating systems, networking protocols, workstation management, building computers and hardware maintenance. Fall – Spring(1 credit) “B” or better in Algebra I
Construction Trades Enrichment Open to all students enrolled in Building Trades I, II, and III.  This course will provide you with more hands on and on site experience. Fall, Spring(.5 credit)
Construction Trades Foundations Students will be exposed to power tools and safety practices related to construction and will be able to identify the various employment opportunities in the construction field.  Areas to be introduced are masonry, ceramic tile, plumbing and heating, painting, weatherization, and many more. Fall, Spring(.5 credit)
Digital Media for the Web Focus on creating multiple forms of media using different web applications.  Examples include animation, computer graphics, digital imaging and video components. Spring(.5 credit)
Digital Photography Learn digital photography and create unique images using Adobe Photoshop. Fall, Spring(.5 credit)
Perspectives inHuman Services Students will explore concepts in Human Services through the use of popular youth literature.  This model allows for the development of understandings of ethics, family and professional dilemmas, services available or unavailable (in rural areas), aspects of human development and other topics. Fall(.5 credit)
Rescue 911: Skills and Drills in Emergency Fields Most practiced skills and drills used in today’s Emergency situations.  Course will include CPR & First Aid Cert. through the American Red Cross. Fall, Spring(.5 credit)
Spa Magic A & B Learn the business side of operating a spa and discover the science and professional image to learn skills in aromatherapy, facials, hand and foot massage, manicures, pedicures, waxing, and make-up. Fall, Spring(.5 credit)
Sports & Entertainment Marketing Students are introduced to the career area of Marketing and gain a basic understanding of the marketing industry. (.5 credit)
Taste of Culinary A & B Explore a variety of topics that may lead you to an exciting food related career.  Healthy Cooking – Healthy Eating, International Foods, and Cook-off Competitions are just a sample of the topics covered. Fall, Spring(.5 credit)
Teacher Prep Learn the basics of learning theory including learning styles, how you learn, how learning changes as we develop over time, special learning needs, and what it takes to become a teacher. Spring(.5 credit)
Social Media Marketing Students will explore the world of online advertising and analyze the impact that social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, have had on advertising. Fall(.5 credit)
Quality Customer Service Learn how to provide Quality Customer service by exploring strategies for courteous and efficient service, as well as dealing with customer complaints. Spring(.5 credit)
YouTube U. Learn how to create short digital videos and make them go viral on the web. Fall(.5 credit)